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Moll AKA Moll_Moves

“I was hesitant about joining another coach, purely due to my previous experience of not having any personalisation & real care put into my coaching. I was unsure if switching would really make a difference here. JLX coaching is a real 180° from my previous experience - I truly feel like everything is personalised to my goals, likes, dislikes & personal experiences. I also know that every point I raise or question I have will be answered fully & that I have full support in my journey.

  1. I wanted to grow more lower body muscle, particularly my quads & hamstrings

  2. I wanted to take my training more seriously & learn how to train with intensity

  3. I wanted to further improve my relationship with food & my body image

  • the muscle growth has blown me away!! Didn’t realise the potential I had there

  • same with training, I’ve hit numbers I never thought I could & I’ve now built so much confidence with not being afraid to train hard & fail

  • I’ve finally gotten to a point where I feel comfortable with food & going off plan sometimes which is so huge for me

Just a huge thank you really!! I can’t believe how far I’ve come & such a huge part of that is your coaching & support!”

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