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Welcome to Team JLX

Online physique coaches to Gymshark Athletes, IG Stars, and Everyday Achievers.

JLX Coaching is an online coaching company specialising in the science of physique transformations.

Science is at the very heart of Team JLX. As exercise scientists ourselves, we know just how important all the nitty-gritty details can be for creating sustainable physical change, but we also realise how difficult it can be to obtain good, evidence-based advice in the increasingly confusing fitness industry.

That’s why your coaching experience with us and the service we offer, is different. We don’t just prioritise physical gains, but brain gains too.

It’s simple really - train hard, learn harder.

Whether you're chasing an elite physique, a better quality of life, or something in between – we’re down to help.

No matter your start, we're here to take you on your journey to the finish.

Want to see what Team JLX have achieved so far and what people have said about their experience?


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