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Jess, PT

“Where can I start, I have loved my journey with Xander and it was exactly what I needed.

After becoming so busy with my own personal training business, I had let my own training slip and needed some structure and accountability back.

I booked a photoshoot and wanted to lose a bit of body fat and try to keep as much muscle from my bulking period as possible.

Throughout my coaching, I was honest with Xander about meals out and off-plan days.

Xander was always there to set me straight and I never once felt restricted or deprived of anything, I fitted in socialising and all my favourite foods while achieving my goals.

We worked together and Xander listened to my check-ins and replied with exactly what we needed to do each time e.g dropping calories, deloads etc.

I lost 7kg in 5 months and felt the best I have ever felt.

In addition, Xander taught me my training does not need to be overcomplicated.

After receiving my workouts, I said they weren’t big enough, not enough sets for each exercise!

I’m so glad I trusted him because he was right!

Less is more and it has changed my entire mindset around training.

If you are thinking about getting a coach, do it!

Even as a qualified personal trainer I have learnt so much from this experience, I’m currently travelling Asia and when I’m home I’m excited to see what we can achieve together next.”

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